The Commerce Builder Award

Celebrating Our Local Trailblazers

Each year the Hampton Roads Global Commerce Council presents its Commerce Builder Award to an individual or company whose contributions have significantly influenced the growth of commerce and trade in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Since 1956, the Commerce Builder Award has been presented to recipients who have displayed extraordinary vision and outstanding leadership qualities.

2023 Award Recipient

John F. Reinhart

Mr. Reinhart’s ability to unite various stakeholders around a vision – be it labor partners, motor carriers, elected officials, colleagues at the port, or the greater port community – led to innovation and advancements that have contributed to long-term sustainable growth, efficiencies, and safety at the Port of Virginia.

Throughout his career, Mr. Reinhart exhibited exceptional leadership, notably as the President and CEO of Maersk Line, Limited for 14 years prior to joining the port. Mr. Reinhart’s tenure at Maersk was marked by its ascension as the leading U.S. flag ocean carrier and his management of the Maersk Alabama hostage crisis and the successful rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips.

Previous Commerce Builder Award Recipients

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1997 Honorable Robert E. Martinez
1996 BEACON Advisory Committee
1995 Raymond R. Brewer
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1991 John W. Tillie
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1989 Honorable Gerald L. Baliles
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1984 Franklin O. Blechman
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1981 Honorable John N. Dalton
1980 Richard L. Counselman, Jr.
1979 W. Wright Harrison
1978 Mills E. Godwin, Jr.
1977 Edwin J. Adams
1976 James N. Crumbley
1975 Reginald G. Narelle
1974 James G. Page
1973 George C. Garris
1972 David D. Alston
1971 T. Parker Host, Jr.
1970 John T. Nix
1969 James J. Gara
1968 Eldridge M. Whitehurst
1967 City of Norfolk, Virginia
1966 Colonel James W. Roberts
1965 Daniel M. Thorton
1964 Larry E. Pentecost
1963 Honorable Thomas M. Downing
1962 Captain G. Alvin Massenburg
1961 Barron F. Black
1960 J. Rives Worsham, Sr.
1959 Honorable Porter Hardy, Jr.
1958 Fred W. McWane
1957 Harry M. Thompson
1956 Honorable Harry Flood Byrd